Wall lamps

Vintage wall scones bring an elegant design to any room at home - with extra flair. Go for high-quality materials, when picking pre-owned pieces for your bedroom or the hallway. After all, vintage wall scones are made to last. Buying and selling gently used treasures is great for the environment, too. We may not offer antique wall scones, but welcome vintage wall scones and vintage wall lights!

Vintage wall sconces add an elegant twist to your decor

Looking for a way to highlight architectural details or a carefully chosen painting? Stunning old wall sconces offer a simple solution by bringing out the beauty of your most cherished vintage decorative objects. Nailing the right kind of ambient lighting is worth your while – and used wall lights offer a soft, subtle glow to any space in your home.

While vintage wall lights make for striking statement pieces on their own, they perform to their full potential in pairs. Adding symmetry to any space is effortless with an eye-catching duo of vintage wall sconces. Place your favourites on both sides of a mirror, fireplace or artwork – and you’ll soon discover the power of pairing beautiful old wall lights.

Sophisticated design, high-quality materials and stunning details ensure that charming vintage wall lights put a smile on your face year in, year out. Franckly brings some of the most iconic retro wall sconces to your fingertips – to be more precise, you could be just a few clicks away from your future favourite!

Lock eyes with spectacular vintage wall lights at Franckly

Offering the ideal lighting solution for smaller spaces, vintage wall sconces get the job done when an old ceiling light doesn’t fit the dimensions at hand. Not only do vintage wall lights add intrigue, but they also bring sustainability front and centre. Why go for newly produced items when opting for vintage wall lights is both ecological and stylish to boot?

Created by Finnish designer Alvar Aalto in 1937, Artek’s wall lamp A330S is an enchanting complement to the popular Golden Bell pendant light. The Aalto wall lamp A330S is easily distinguished by its streamlined form, perforated rim and warm-toned light. Whether placed next to the bed or your favourite vintage armchair, the exquisite wall lamp A330S adapts to your needs as it can be rotated 180 degrees.

In his search for beautiful forms, the legendary designer Le Corbusier crafted the Lampe de Marseille wall lamp, which is distributed by Nemo Lighting. The sculptural Lampe de Marseille wall light is comprised of two aluminium cones and adjustable joints, allowing for both direct and indirect light. Perfectly suited to bring industrial flair to your vintage desk or reading nook, the Lampe de Marseille wall lamp never loses its shine.

Whether you’re looking for smart task lighting or an atmospheric addition, we’ve got the retro wall sconces to meet your needs. Get started by browsing our curated selection of delightful vintage wall lights or list your own pre-owned treasures. Franckly makes sure that vintage wall sconces find a new owner without a care in the world!

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