Floor lamps

Vintage floor lamps create a cosy ambience in any room – and are made to last. Since high-quality design is to be treasured, beautiful old floor lamps deserve new lives. Paired with a stylish vintage armchair, a pre-owned floor lamp works as reading light, too. Our curated selection welcomes modern design classics and vintage floor lamps!

Add a sophisticated touch with vintage floor lamps

When it comes to interior design, lighting is much more than a mere practical necessity. Once you’ve figured out general lighting, it’s time to consider your accent lighting needs – and vintage floor lamps provide the perfect solution. Much like retro table lamps, exquisite old floor lamps place focus on a particular spot or object in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning accent piece or a more muted alternative, you can be sure that Franckly’s selection of gently used floor lamps has got you covered. Jump-start your search for vintage floor lamps by browsing our curated range of vintage gems, or list your own old floor lamps for a chance to turn pre-owned design items into cash!

Introducing gently used floor lamps into your decor

Making it effortless to update your home decor, gently used floor lamps are easily moved from one spot to another as you rearrange your favourite furnishings. If you’re on the lookout for a customisable source of light that adapts to your needs, opt for adjustable vintage floor lamps and you’ll be able to direct light wherever you please. 

Effective lighting can make a tremendous difference in your home, bringing together unbeatable style and functionality. Delightful old floor lamps are the perfect finishing touch when your living room is in need of a relaxing reading nook. The process is quick and simple – pick a spot for your trusted vintage armchair, throw in a snuggly cushion or two, and finish off the set with your top pick from a range of gently used floor lamps.

Every space benefits from the timeless appeal of vintage floor lamps. Your home will make a striking first impression thanks to the enduring charm of vintage gems – what better way to welcome guests than a set of used floor lamps in your foyer? Much in the same vein, stylish old floor lamps are just the thing to illuminate dark corners in your bedroom or dining room.

Our top tips to help you find the perfect match

Choosing between several eye-catching used floor lamps can feel like a feat. Could vintage floor lamps with chrome finishings breathe new life into your living space? Or perhaps old floor lamps with textured lamp shades might solve your home decor conundrums? When in doubt, compose a list of features that you want from your new companion – and get inspired by our range of iconic designs, such as Artek’s A805 floor lamp.

Originating in 1954, A805 floor lamp has left its mark on the Finnish design landscape. The iconic floor lamp was originally designed by Alvar Aalto for the National Pensions Institute of Helsinki. Also known as Angel Wing due to its wing-shaped shade, the Artek A805 floor lamp is a sculptural addition to any modern home. Effortlessly combining intriguing materials, such as brass and leather, the A805 floor lamp provides a soft light with a timelessly elegant edge.

Take your pick from unique vintage finds

Whether you’re looking for a single statement piece or plan to put your faith in a pair, our selection boasts vintage floor lamps suited to every situation. Franckly is here to shine a light on the finest used floor lamps you can imagine – no better time than now to find your favourite!

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