Buyer Protection

Secure and worry-free shopping!

Franckly will hold the money and take care of the payout, once the buyer has safely received the purchased item. As a buyer, you have 24 hours after delivery to inspect the item. If the purchased item doesn't arrive as described, we’ll take care of the situation. Buyer Protection removes any risks of fraud – shop with 100 % confidence!

We’ve got your back
Faulty items?
We’ve got your back
Broken items?
We’ve got your back

Secure payments

We’ll hold your money until we are sure you are happy with your purchase. Once you have received and accepted the item, we’ll take care of the payout.

Rest assured, all your data is secure when you shop at Franckly. We offer 100 % safe payment and data protection. We have partnered with leading payment providers. All confidential information will be encrypted so that no third party will be able to access them.

Authentic design

Our curators at Franckly screen all listings once they’ve been submitted. Only authentic items may be sold through Franckly and the sale of counterfeit goods is not permitted. For us, pre-owned design means sustainability, authenticity and great style. Also, all our sellers are registered users.

Our return policy

We want you to be thrilled with the purchased item. However, it’s possible to return your item, when it’s been purchased from a company. You have the right to make a return by notifying our customer service and sending the item back to the seller within 14 days of receiving the item. To make sure all users are satisfied, we’ll only release the payment to the seller after the return window has expired.

Kindly read our detailed instructions for returns: Shipping

We’ve got your back

For us, customer satisfaction plays an important role, so you have 24 hours to check and accept the purchased item after receiving it. In case you have received a damaged, misrepresented or faulty item, contact us and we’ll manage the claim on your behalf. We’ll work with you and the seller to reach an optimal resolution.

Get it all sorted out

If anything goes wrong, feel free to reach out to our customer service anytime you need some help. Contact us, and we’ll put the situation right.

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