Poufs & ottomans

A vintage ottoman is a comfy seat and a great addition to any room – with vintage flair. Whether you're looking for a modern or vintage ottoman to go with your vintage sofa, we've got you covered. Our design gems transform your living room to a cosy nest. Browse our curated selection to find a stylish vintage ottoman!

Choosing the perfect vintage ottoman in three simple steps

Pre-owned poufs and gently used ottomans offer an easy way to finish off your interior. Making for a comfortable companion, the ideal vintage ottoman is easily paired with an inviting armchair or a cosy sofa for the ultimate relaxation nook. 

Finding a perfect match isn’t always easy. Luckily, we at Franckly take pride in playing Cupid by connecting vintage design enthusiasts with carefully curated, pre-owned treasures, such as these chic vintage ottomans. Find out below how you can find the effortlessly stylish used pouf of your dreams!

Pick the ideal design

Kickstart your journey to newly found lounge aesthetics by considering the style of your ultimate vintage ottoman. Are you on the hunt for a simplistic used ottoman, or is your living space in need of an ornately decorated vintage pouf? Squaring out the pre-owned ottoman of your dreams will help narrow down your options to a smaller set of top-quality picks.

Choose the material suited to your living space

Easy to move from one nook to another, a vintage ottoman offers an effortless way to add contrast to your home decor. Soft textiles, playful patterns, and textured fabrics enhance the look of any vintage pouf. Why not even go for a used ottoman with a lavish leather cover? It’s worth it to take your time when choosing the colour and print for your vintage ottoman, as it can easily become the new centrepiece of your living space.

Set your eyes on the shape you need

Are you on the lookout for a square-shaped used ottoman, or is a round vintage pouf more to your liking? You’ll know it when you see it – perhaps your favourite will turn out to be a rectangular vintage ottoman, or even a delightful oval used pouf.

Inspired by the shape of the full moon, you’ll never look back once you settle on a gently used Hakola Moon pouf. Crafted from luxuriously soft velvet, this modern classic elevates your home with an added touch of cosiness. If you’re searching for a vintage leather ottoman, a used Eames Lounge Ottoman is sure to take your space to whole new heights. 

At Franckly, you’ll find an ample selection of gently used ottomans to choose from – and now is the time to start browsing for your future favourite. It’s never been as care-free to buy and sell vintage ottomans!

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