Dining chairs

Vintage dining chairs bring character to your dining room – with echoes from the past. Our well-designed vintage pieces have also proven their quality. We may not offer antique dining chairs but do check back with us daily, if you're on the hunt for modern treasures, like retro dining chairs. For a stylish outcome, pick a gently used dining table to go with the vintage dining chairs of you're choice!

Set a cosy mood with vintage dining chairs

When you’re looking to add a unique edge to your home, gently used dining chairs have got you covered. Sure to suit your design aesthetic with a multitude of styles, shapes, and sizes, the timeless appeal of retro dining chairs makes it easier than ever to take your kitchen or dining room decor to whole new heights. 

If you ask us, no dining set is complete without the unique flair brought on by stylish old dining chairs. Whether you’ve already settled on your favourite vintage dining chairs or only begun with your treasure hunt, Franckly offers a trouble-free way to buy or sell used dining chairs that spruce up your decor with boundless sophistication!

Take your pick from one-of-a-kind creations

As you begin your search for stylish vintage dining chairs, you’ll find that you’re spoiled for choice. Truth be told, choosing your favourite used dining chairs may take a while, but rest assured – it’s all worth it in the end. Vintage upholstered dining chairs offer plenty of plush softness, enduring comfort, and endless versatility, as you can always reupholster your old dining chairs with soft pastel tones or rich shades of silky velvet.

When you’re after a durable option without compromising on style, there’s nothing quite like used wooden dining chairs. You can be sure that natural wood hues set the right mood for daily dinners and festive occasions alike. Adding chic seat cushions to your retro dining chairs upgrades any wood-toned dining set to a new level of comfort.

Meet the icons of retro dining chairs

Vintage dining chairs are among the most versatile pieces you could possibly find – and the archives of iconic designs provide a plethora of excellent choices. Designed by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hansen & Søn, the Wishbone chair – also known as the CH24 chair – is an excellent example of the ingenuity characteristic to modern Danish design. 

Providing the comfort and support necessary for vintage dining chairs, the clever Y-shaped back gave Wegner’s Wishbone chair its characteristic name. Wegner’s decision to combine the back- and armrest into a single piece resulted in the distinctive form of the CH24 chair. The hand-woven seat alone is the result of truly skilled craftsmanship, which makes the Carl Hansen & Søn Wishbone chair a long-lasting design icon.

First introduced in 1859 and designed by Czech cabinetmaker Michael Thonet, the vintage TON Chair no. 14 has proven itself a timeless favourite when it comes to retro dining chairs. Due to its popularity in Viennese coffee houses, Chair no. 14 soon came to be known as the “café chair”. Resulting in a light yet strong wooden structure, the classic Chair no. 14 by TON consists of six beechwood rods that have been bent by hand. With 80 million units sold worldwide, Chair no. 14 might be just the thing when you’re looking for old dining chairs.

Make a statement with mix and match seating

There’s no doubt about it – you’re the number one expert when it comes to choosing vintage dining chairs that make you swoon. Keeping things simple and symmetrical may feel like a tempting option, but sometimes playful choices make all the difference – and gently used dining chairs are no exception.

We know what you’re thinking: what does it take to pull off the mix and match look successfully? Careful planning is key, as you’ve got an endless amount of combinations to choose from. Keep it calm and collected with a set of used dining chairs in a similar colour scheme, or opt for the same vintage chair in different tones. If you want to go all-in on bold vibes, mix things up with vintage dining chairs in contrasting materials, or recruit the help of retro dining chairs in an array of vibrant colours.

On the lookout for minimalistic used dining chairs? Or have you acquired a taste for ornately detailed vintage dining chairs? No matter what suits your style, Franckly makes it effortless to discover the used dining chairs to finish off any space – and if you’re looking to sell retro dining chairs, listing your pre-owned gem is made safe and care-free!

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