A vintage bench continues to charm with its simple design. Like all classics, a vintage wood bench is a great addition to any hallway, dining room or bedroom. Go for the delightful mix of old and new seats – try mixing a rustic bench with modern design. By buying and selling secondhand pieces, you make an environmentally-friendly choice. Let's find a stylish vintage bench!

Vintage benches – when style meets practicality

When it’s time to take a seat, there’s nothing more inviting than the sight of a trendy vintage bench. You know you’ve found the perfect used bench when it doesn’t feel out of place in any space, adding a dash of character to every room. We are here to make sure you won’t run out of options when you’re looking to buy or sell vintage benches.

One thing is for sure: design classics never lose their shine. The Artek Pirkka bench has been a long-standing Finnish favourite ever since it was first introduced in 1955. Designed by Ilmari Tapiovaara with great attention to detail, the vintage Artek Pirkka remains just as stylish today as it was when it made its debut.

As we all know, first impressions are key. What better way to give your guests a glimpse of your unique style than a vintage bench in the foyer? There’s no denying it: every entrance needs a gently used bench that’s full of personality. It’s important to choose the right vintage bench based on the dimensions of your space. And what’s more, a used rustic bench makes it easier than ever to put on your shoes before heading out.

An easy update to outdoor entertaining

When you’ve spent so much time on making your garden a piece of heaven on earth, it’s worth the effort to invest in a vintage rustic bench suited to outdoor use. Taking in the view is made even better by the used wood bench of your choosing, making for an ideal resting spot. Just add your favourite book and a cold drink, and you’re sorted for the rest of the warm season.

Planning to host friends or family in the great outdoors? Made for all-round entertaining, a used rustic bench is an effortless and environmentally friendly choice. With Franckly, it’s easy to opt for a stylish vintage bench when you need a quick upgrade to your front porch or balcony.

It’s time to mix and match 

Nothing says relax like a vintage wood bench. Look no further, as the iconic vintage Aalto bench 153A is a prime example. This streamlined classic was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1945 and it continues to make for the ideal used bench with its birch structure and timeless look. Full of Nordic appeal, this vintage wood bench blends flawlessly with modern pieces.

On the lookout for pre-owned design treasures that are made to last? Browse our selection to find your favourite vintage bench – and you’re all set!

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