Vintage mirrors play with light and reflections. Our pre-owned selection features mirrors in different sizes, which can be either mounted on a wall or used as freestanding objects. Vintage mirrors take pride in old aesthetics. Here at Franckly, vintage mirrors and pre-owned modern treasures get second lives. Browse our curated selection to elevate your home!

Set the right mood with a vintage mirror

Searching for an instant upgrade to your home decor? Polishing off the style of any room is effortless when you recruit the help of a timeless vintage style mirror. Each intricately designed vintage mirror adds a welcome dose of functionality with an aesthetic edge. If your home is in need of a bold decorative element, look no further – every space is made better with a mesmerizing retro mirror.

When you’re on the lookout for a charming vintage dressing table mirror, a practical vintage floor mirror, or an ornate vintage wall mirror, Franckly has got your back from start to finish. Our curated selection boasts a multitude of beautiful vintage mirrors for sale – each vintage mirror has been developed by world-class designers, crafted by well-respected manufacturers, and hand-picked by our team of design experts.

You can rely on us to make it effortless to find the ideal retro mirror – all that’s left is to choose between a vintage round mirror, a vintage rectangular mirror or another fascinating shape. Discover your favourite vintage style mirror at Franckly, or list your own top-notch vintage mirror with the help of our unique marketplace for pre-owned design!

Finding the right vintage style mirror for you

When it comes to nailing the ideal home decor, we’re all longing for a match made in heaven. With the addition of an eye-catching vintage mirror or two, creating cosy interiors becomes less of a chore. Coming across the perfect vintage style mirror can take a bit of browsing, but the vintage mirror of your dreams is sure to delight you for years to come.

Once you start searching for a top-quality retro mirror, you’ll be astonished by the number of vintage mirrors for sale in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Does your heart flutter at the sight of a vintage wooden mirror, or does a vintage metal mirror take first place in your books? Faced with frames in gorgeous materials, such as oak, copper, and brass, you’re easily spoiled for choice as you look for your vintage mirror!

Franckly’s selection boasts delightful vintage mirrors for sale to suit every need. Whether you need a vintage mirror in the hallway or above the mantelpiece, we’ve got just the thing for you. Each exquisite vintage mirror is sure to give any room an added dimension of light, space, and design. Get inspired with us and look forward to welcoming your very own retro mirror!

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