Vintage vases give the finishing touch to any room – with your favourite flowers. By picking pre-owned design you opt for great quality since old vases have stood the test of time. Vintage vases make excellent gifts and function as simple decorative elements, too. For a stylish outcome, place a group of different sized pieces on top of your vintage coffee table.

Bring out your personal style with charming old vases

No home is complete without those small finishing touches – and alluring old vases are just the thing to add character to your decor. Perfect for showcasing the most beautiful bouquets, exquisite used vases bring a piece of nature indoors without compromising on elegant aesthetics. Regardless of which room you’re decorating, vintage vases bring out your personal style without breaking a sweat.

Adding a welcome dose of beauty to everyday life, stylish old vases upgrade the decor of any space in your home. Whether placed as a centrepiece on your vintage dinner table or as a delicate accent on your old side table, gently used vases are guaranteed to take your style statistics to the next level. Now’s the ideal time to get inspired by our curated selection of vintage vases or list your own pre-owned treasure!

Prepare to lock eyes with iconic vintage vases

When you want to draw everyone’s gaze to your dinner table centrepiece, there’s nothing quite like Marimekko’s Urna vase to make your wish come true. Crafted by Swedish designer Carina Seth-Andersson, the cylinder-shaped Urna vase is a genuine stunner – striking the perfect balance between simplicity and timeless design. The generous proportions of the mouth-blown Urna vase are ideal for eye-catching flower arrangements while allowing light to pass through and create beautiful patterns on your tabletop.

Alvar Aalto created the Aalto vase for the World Fair in Paris in 1937. Available in different colours and sizes, Iittala’s Aalto vase serves a multitude of functions, ranging from more traditional usage as a vintage flower vase to a refreshed take on a sugar container. The distinctive shape of the Aalto vase originates in the Finnish landscape – specifically the beautiful natural forms of a lake. Still, to this day, each Aalto vase is mouth-blown at the Iittala glass factory in Finland. Displayed on its own or in a group of several sizes, the Aalto vase is sure to make an impact.

Developed by Alfredo Häberli, the Alfredo vase is a testament to the designer’s relentless goal of creating enticing everyday design items. The simplistic aesthetic highlights the enchanting hues of Georg Jensen’s Alfredo vase, proving that – yet again – less is more. Designed with careful attention to detail, the delightfully rounded shape of the Alfredo vase is the perfect vessel for an abundant bouquet of your favourite flowers. The striking shape seemingly defies gravity, making the Alfredo vase a strong contender, with or without flowers.

How to include used vases in your interior

Whether placed on your vintage coffee table or even atop a used nightstand, delicate vintage vases add a warm feel to any nook or corner in your home. Gently used vases help to bring nature closer to home with seasonal flower arrangements, highlighting the finest flora from each time of year. If you’re craving for extra flair, make use of large old vases to display slender branches from a cherry or apple tree.

Intricately designed used vases deserve good company – and other vintage decor items are perfect for creating captivating displays. Take your pick from gently used candle holders, vintage figurines and timeless glass objects that bring out the best of delightful old vases. Providing an effortless way to switch up the mood of any room, vintage vases are easy to store away and move from one setting to another.

Hand-picked by seasoned design experts, our selection of used vases makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your home decor. Surprise a loved one with the timeless appeal old vases have to offer, or sell your own vintage vases for a chance to give pre-owned design items a new home!

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