Vintage posters and modern art prints – that is what we call elegance. Guaranteed to meet your needs, wonderful vintage art prints help to add character to a room. Fitted in delicate vintage poster frames, smaller posters look their best on a beautiful teak shelf. At Franckly, old treasures get second lives. Check back with us daily, as we’ve got your back with our old posters.

Vintage posters – turning heads made easy

Looking for the perfect way to turn empty walls into a visual feast? We’ve all been there – and luckily, captivating vintage prints provide a quick fix to this common conundrum. Full of nostalgic charm, wondrous old posters boost the mood of any space in your home, without necessarily having to spend an arm and a leg.

Whether you want to add vibrant colour or keep things monochrome, Franckly’s selection pampers every design enthusiast with eye-catching old posters. Truly unique and versatile to boot, enchanting vintage posters keep things interesting with a multitude of motifs. Botanical prints, geometric designs and breathtaking architectural details are only a few examples of themes featured in old posters.

Guaranteed to meet your needs, wonderful vintage art prints help to add character to a room – and many bring back fond memories of shared moments. Take for instance vintage travel posters! A care-free family trip or a weekend away with friends is brought to life by a lovely retro poster, depicting your most-loved destination. No matter what kind of retro poster you’re after, we’ve got your back with a wide range of vintage posters for sale.

How to introduce vintage prints into your home

As with any other interior design element, placement is key when it comes to making the most out of vintage posters. Give experimenting a chance and build eye-catching arrangements by combining your favourite vintage art prints with wall-mounted used candle holders, delightful vintage wall sconces, or an exquisite old wall clock. Fitted in delicate used poster frames, smaller vintage posters look their best on a beautiful vintage shelf.

If you’re a firm believer in the power of words but wish to put a visual spin on it, consider opting for a retro poster with a quote of your liking. You can also find vintage posters depicting timeless design gems that have reached iconic status. The most dedicated Alvar Aalto fans will no doubt fall for a retro poster with their favourite vintage Artek chair.

In addition to iconic vintage furniture, Artek is known for its classic fabric patterns – one of which is featured on the Artek 75 Years poster. Aino Aalto’s stunning Zebra pattern adorns Artek’s coveted 75 Years poster, which commemorates the Finnish furniture company’s triumphant journey. Designed by Kustaa Saksi in 2010, the eye-catching silkscreen print is a true gem among vintage prints.

Another pre-owned find to keep an eye out for is Reeta Ek’s May art print – serving as a prime example of the Finnish textile and surface designer’s unique style. Printed on the island of Lauttasaari in Helsinki, Reeta Ek’s May art print enchants with its beguiling mix of tones and clearly visible brush strokes. Reeta Ek is known for her vibrant and playful prints, which also led to her receiving the Young Designer of the Year 2017 award.

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