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Vintage rugs make a stylish home update – if you're looking for a great design deal, your search ends here. The pre-owned modern pieces and the old rugs of our selection add character to any room with their vivid colours, interesting textures and materials. Give the finishing touch to your living room, bedroom or the hallway with a beautiful vintage carpet. Make sustainable choices by buying secondhand pieces. Here at Franckly, vintage rugs and pre-owned modern treasures get second lives. Browse our curated selection to find stylish vintage rugs!

Stylish vintage rugs pave the way to unique home decor

Serving long-lasting quality and timeless appeal, charming old rugs finish off the look of your home with plenty of character. Beautiful vintage rugs rise to the occasion when you want to spruce up your interior – and better yet, carefully crafted used rugs work their magic by improving the acoustics of any space.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a cosy mood booster, additional texture or a welcome splash of colour, you’re sure to find a vintage carpet that ticks all the boxes at Franckly. Take a moment to browse our curated selection of vintage rugs and you’re one step closer to discovering the vintage carpet of your dreams!

Count on Franckly to find cosy used rugs for sale

What qualities are at the top of your wishlist when you’re on the hunt for vintage rugs? Each vintage carpet is as unique as you are – and while many interior design enthusiasts find comfort in neutral tones, some turn to delightful old rugs for a hint of vibrant colour. No matter whether you opt for muted hues or bold tones, you’re sure to find used rugs for sale in a shade that matches your colour palette.

Best not forget – there’s more to it than solid colours, as striking vintage rugs also come in a wide range of vivid patterns. Prepare to be amazed by the bold, sharp patterns of old oriental kilim rugs and the geometric designs of more contemporary counterparts. If you’re looking for a patterned vintage carpet that finds inspiration in nature, the Suovilla rug by the Finnish rug company Finarte is a strong contender.

Designed by Marianne Huotari, the Finarte Suovilla rug gets its name from cottongrass – a familiar sight in the vast boglands of Finnish Lapland. The hand-knotted Suovilla rug adds both unique flair and unparalleled softness with semi-worsted New Zealand wool as its material. Complete with braided ends, the Finarte Suovilla rug pays homage to natural materials and adds intrigue to your interior with hints of Moroccan Berber style.

Discover old rugs in a multitude of materials

Sophisticated vintage rugs make for the ideal finishing touch to your interior, offering plenty of warmth and a luxuriously soft feel. When choosing the right vintage carpet for your home, it’s important to take the needs of each space into consideration.

While beguiling used wool rugs provide a soft feel in the living room or bedroom, more practically inclined spaces, such as the kitchen or hallway, benefit from vintage plastic rugs and old cotton rugs that are remarkably easy to clean. Functional vintage paper yarn rugs make for hard-wearing options that not only repel dirt but also turn heads, wherever you choose to place them.

Whether you’re after eye-catching round vintage rugs or rectangular used rugs for sale, you’ve made your way to the right address. There’s no better time than now to browse through our selection of striking vintage rugs – or list your own vintage carpet for a chance to turn your pre-owned design gem into cash!

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