Sideboards & dressers

A vintage dresser adds both functionality and style to your home – and lasts from one generation to the next. Showing the marks of time will only enhance the look of stylish old dressers. For a delightful outcome, try mixing a retro dresser with modern design. By picking a vintage dresser for your bedroom, you make an environmentally-friendly choice!

Keep it classic with a beautiful vintage dresser

Introducing equal amounts of style and functionality into your interior, charming old dressers and vintage sideboards manage to tick all the right boxes. Practical storage solutions never looked better – whether you’re looking for stylish used dressers or a stately vintage chest of drawers, Franckly takes care of all your retro dresser needs.

Serene and elegant all at once, your bedroom decor simply demands the finishing touch that only a vintage dresser can provide. Clutter becomes a thing of the past – organising your belongings becomes a breeze with the help of a timeless retro dresser.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, a delightful vintage chest of drawers is an ideal storage solution for any space in your home. Whether placed in the living room, hallway or foyer, a charming vintage sideboard makes sure your most prized possessions are always at hand. Especially in smaller homes, versatility is key – and a vintage dresser with mirror saves the day by offering a two-in-one solution.

Used dressers – how to find your vintage gem

Discovering the perfect vintage dresser for your home doesn’t have to feel daunting. We’ve made taking the first step toward your favourite retro dresser easier than ever. Get into the swing of things by browsing our eye-catching old dressers and more subtly detailed used dressers. When it comes to unique home decor, trusting your intuition is the way to go more often than not. 

While the process of eliminating each vintage dresser that doesn’t spark joy for you can get you started, the trick to successfully combining a vintage chest of drawers with the rest of your furnishings lies in careful planning. First things first – it’s crucial to choose a vintage dresser that’s proportionate to both the dimensions of the space and the surrounding furniture. 

Once you’ve found a retro dresser in the perfect size, consider how to add intrigue to the room with breathtaking pairings. Combining modern pieces with a vintage dresser not only keeps things fresh, but also makes sure that your guests look twice.

Feast your eyes on Franckly favourites

Revamping classic 1950s design aesthetics with a modern twist, the F22 Butler dresser by FDB Møbler stores all your essentials without compromising on style. Designed by Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen, the elegant F22 dresser is part of the functionally inclined Butler series.

Designed by Søren Rose Studio, Muuto’s Reflect drawer highlights the distinctive beauty of Nordic craftsmanship. Characterised by its unique curves and spacious design, the Reflect drawer offers a refreshing take on mid-century modern Scandinavian style.

Looking for minimalist used dressers or an ornate vintage chest of drawers? We’ve got you covered with a stunning selection of old dressers. Even selling your very own vintage dresser is safe and simple!

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