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The chair I ordered was delivered in just three days in a very well protected packaging. And most importantly the chair was exactly the way pictured in the website: just lovely! Thank's a ton!

Sonja, Finland April 2021

My first purchase at Franckly, and they exceeded my expectations. The item is actually in better shape than described, so I am very happy to it, thank you!

Jaana, Finland March 2021

Received my Artek bench in 3 business days. In perfect condition, I'm so happy with my find! Will definetly keep a eye on the selection.

Eeva, Finland February 2021

First of all I wanted to say that I received the Emma kettle in advance and it was such a pleasure! It was very carefully wrapped up, in order to travel safely and in perfect condition. Thank you to the seller.

carla, Italy December 2020

Very much recommended.

Sarah, Finland October 2020

Erittäin luotettava ja ystävällinen. Kuntoluokituksena mainittu ”käytön jälkiä” oli käytännössä täysin uutta vastaava. Nopea toimitus ja hyvin pakattu lähetys.

Pilvi, Finland September 2020